OK, it's 2006 (et seq.) and we have an actual MP3 demo page
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If you have too much time on your hands, you may peruse the evolution of our demos on this present page, which might be titled,
"Faking Around Our Lack of an Actual Demo"

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What Are We Sending As A Demo, Johnny?

For the nonce, this

What's on it is the whole Sun Mountain Band, Millennium Edition.  The songs are a selection all sung lead on by Dennis.  Please don't tell Mr. Loomer, my high school English teacher, I wrote that sentence. 

You may be hiring as many as 3 of these 5 musicians, so this CD will give you the feel, attitude, talent, scope, excitement, versatility, generosity, professionalism, and all around genial modesty of Shakespeare in the Alley.   Translation: As soon as we record a new demo, we can cut the snow job and show you what we actually sound like!

Here's our experimental new demo!  Fragamentos of 7 songs by the Quartet Version of Shakespeare, recorded in a noisy bar.
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But REALLYwait!
Actual Irish CD
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OK, now, in your mind, put together one of these Irish tunes with 3/5 of the guys on the CD, and...voila!...you can imagine what Shakespeare in the Alley sounds like at your Irish bar.  Think of the exercise your mind is getting here.  You didn't want a demo that just laid it out for you, did you?